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Cholesterol - Dyslipidemia | Analytical blood tests for Cholesterol - Lipids Cardiovascular Indicators. Economic packages from 21 euros.

Check Up Medicus Diagnostic Center Athens, Type II diabetes predisposition. Dynamic glucose and insulin curve tests. Economic packages

Check Up Medicus Diagnostic Center Athens | Hypertension | Hypertension Check Blood Tests, Triplex Holter Economic Packages.

Check Up Medicus| Cardiovascular Risk Indicators Diagnostic Center. Cardiovascular Risk - Assessment Blood Tests - Triplex Vessels.

Check Up Medicus | Athens. Thyroid Gland - Disorders. Current offer: T3, T4, free T4, TSH, anti TPO, anti TG for 39.58 euros!

Check Up Medicus | Athens | Thrombophilia autoimmune diseases. Biochemical analyzes in test packages with a price from 83 euros | Prices – Cost.

Check Up Medicus Diagnostic Center Athens. Diabetes I - II - gestational diabetes Tests to monitor effective checkup

Check Up Medicus Diagnostic Center Athens. Hair Growth Disorders - breaking nails, Hyperhair in women - children | Financial packages.

Check Up Medicus Diagnostic Center Athens. Systemic - organ-specific autoimmune diseases. Blood tests and ultrasound.

Check Up Medicus | Arthritis | Complete check costs 138 euros (-25% package discount) = 103.50 euros.

Check Up Medicus | Medical Center Athens | Blood Tests | Covid-19 Test
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