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Diabetes type I & II

WHAT'S THIS (Type I & II Diabetes - Monitoring) at a glance

It is a set of metabolic disorders resulting from high sugar levels over a long period of time.

Check Up Medicus Diagnostic Center Athens. Diabetes I - II - gestation. Examinations to monitor effective control.

Diabetes is divided into two categories:

  1. Type 1 – appearing at younger ages due to loss of insulin production capacity
  2. Type 2 with onset at older ages due to insulin resistance and predicted to be ~9% in the general population, mainly due to obesity - lack of exercise

A separate category is the gestational diabetes, which is transitory and does not cause organ damage as it is short-lived. But it is checked for the safety of the pregnancy and the development of the fetus.


Main indications of diabetes are:

  1. Polyuria – Polydipsia
  2. Constant hunger

Elevated sugar levels have a long-term damaging effect on the entire vascular system of the body. The most serious side effects of poorly controlled diabetes are:

  1. Nephropathy
  2. Vision loss
  3. Ulcers on the lower extremities


The purpose of further tests is to establish the successful regulation of diabetes for the safety of the organism from type I & II diabetes.

These laboratory tests are:

The Basic Check Up:

It is checked if diabetes has had a negative effect on the kidneys, liver, or the body's metabolism and if it has caused inflammation.

Γενική αίματος / Αιμοδιάγραμμα CBCΜετρήσεις σε Αιματοκρίτη - Ερυθρά - Λευκά Αιμοσφαίρια - Αιμοπετάλια και εξέταση μορφολογίας τους.
Ανιχνεύονται κυρίως Αναιμίες, Φλεγμονές, Λοιμώξεις, Δυσπλασίες μυελού.
Ενδείξεις - επίδραση χρόνιων νοσημάτων - καταστάσεων
Ταχύτητα καθίζησης ΤΚΕ / ESR
C-αντιδρώσα πρωτεϊνη Υψηλής ευαισθησίας CRP-hs Βραχυχρόνιες κεντρικές αλλά και τοπικές φλεγμονές,
συνεκτίμηση καρδιαγγειακού κινδύνου από ενδοαγγειακές φλεγμονές
Σάκχαρο νηστείας / διώρου GluΣακχαρώδη διαβήτη / προδιάθεση σε διαβήτη
Ουρία UreaΝεφρική λειτουργία
Κρεατινίνη Cr
Ουρικό οξύ UAΑρθρίτιδες, διατροφικές διαταραχές
Χοληστερίνη Ολική CholΤην ποσότητα και αναλογία των λιπιδίων του αίματος ως
- βασικός δείκτης μακροχρόνιου κινδύνου σε καρδιαγγειακά
- δείκτη μεταβολικού προφίλ
Χοληστερίνη HDL
Χοληστερίνη LDL
Τριγλυκερίδια Tgl
Αθηρωματικός δείκτης
γ-γλουταμινοτρανσφεράση γ-GTΗπατική λειτουργία, πιθανή ενόχληση του ήπατος από χημικούς παράγοντες ή λοιμώξεις
Τρανσαμινάσες ALT & AST
Γενική ούρωνΠαθολογία και λοιμώξεις σε νεφρά και κύστη

The test shows the average sugar levels for the last 45 days. Based on this, the effectiveness of diabetes treatment is evaluated.

It checks the health of the kidneys in the diabetic patient, having particular prognostic value for their possible damage due to increased sugar levels.

It is the best measure to evaluate the effective function of the kidneys with much greater sensitivity than the classic urea and creatinine tests.

They are the main salts of the body, the concentration of which is regulated by the kidneys. Diabetic drugs that may be combined with other treatments can deregulate electrolytes with very serious consequences, especially in cardiac function.

The purpose of the analyzes is to additionally check the health of the kidneys, and above all to rule out the existence of a possible asymptomatic urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections in diabetics are common, as sugar is excreted in the urine and creates a favorable environment for the growth of microbes.


The following tests are recommended based on age, social habits, personal and family medical history.

It checks the average sugar levels of the last 5 days. It is used for:

  1. gestational diabetes
  2. the direct control of the effectiveness of the change in the therapeutic regimen
  3. in cases of hemoglobin types where glycosylated hemoglobin cannot be used

Vitamin levels are checked, which have a neuroprotective effect against diabetic neuropathy.


The following checks are done with criteria of age and personal - family medical health history

  1. Upper-lower abdominal ultrasound
  2. Heart – carotid – lower limb triplex


As a preparation for the morning blood draw and the medical test, we recommend:
  1. having a meal the night before.
  2. taking up your last meal 11-12 hours before the blood draw.
  3. to have the evening with as little animal fat as possible (if it contains cheeses, fatty dairy products, and meats).
  4. taking no meal in the morning, except coffee and a piece of toasted bread, with free drinking of water.
For taking the urine, the general urine test:
  1. collect your first morning urine.
  2. Wash locally with plenty of water, without soap
  3. discard the first urine of urination and collect a small amount of the middle urine in a special urine collector.
To obtain the 24-hour urine:
  1. ALL urine is collected during a 24-hour period, in a suitable container(s) that you can get from the pharmacy.
  2. it does not need special maintenance during the reception, but in the summer it is desirable to store the container in the refrigerator.
  1. The results are given within a day
  2. We recommended sending the results by email for a faster receipt
  1. EOPYY The individual examinations are prescribed and a fee applies according to the referral
  2. PRIVATE CHARGE Special period price at 79 euros (initial price at 157 euros)
  3. Additional charges apply for optional analyses of fructosamine and B12.

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