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Predisposition to Type II Diabetes

WHAT IS THIS? (Type II Diabetes Predisposition)

Type II diabetes has taken on Western societies the characteristics of an epidemic disease. 9% prediction in the general population.

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In manifest diabetes, elevated sugar levels destroy over time all of the body's organs, destroying parallel the vascular system that supplies them.


The factors that contribute to the development of type II diabetes are:

  1. Obesity
  2. Eating disorder
  3. Lack of physical exercise
  4. Prolonged stress
  5. Genetic factors – family history

Elements of the eating disorder that can lead to diabetes II are individually or the combination of the following:

  1. Excessive calorie consumption
  2. Consumption proportionally excessive in carbohydrates, compared to proteins
  3. Eating foods with a high glycemic index
  4. 1 meal per day
  5. Evening binge eating

Appearance of type II diabetes is manifested after a pre-diabetic period, where the burning of sugar is efficient to a certain extent. The diagnosis of the pre-diabetic condition is of great importance, as a mild prophylactic adjustment to eating habits, weight regulation, and exercise, can be capable of preventing the onset of diabetes.

Predisposition testing is done on people with:

  1. 2-3 marginally elevated fasting sugar values
  2. type II diabetes risk indicators


The body's ability to handle high glucose levels is checked to diagnose pre-diabetes.

We give to the examinee a "special" orange juice or lemonade with a specific glucose content and we measure the sugar and insulin levels every 30 minutes, for a period of 2 hours.

At the pre-diabetic level, the body is unable to consume sugar within 2 hours. This is caused by insufficient insulin production, or non-functional insulin production, which is separated from the insulin curve

In the graph, a patient at the pre-diabetic level gives a sugar curve, intermediate between the normal and the pathological diabetic patient

The test measures the average glucose value over a period of 8 – 12 weeks. It can be helpfully measured with the sugar curve

The analysis is superior to simple blood sugar measurement because it is not highly variable like blood sugar (sugar levels change every 10 minutes due to factors such as fatigue, stress, and food intake).

PREPARATION (Type II Diabetes Predisposition)

As a preparation for the morning blood draw and the medical test, we recommend:
  1. having a meal the night before.
  2. At the last three days, it has been intense consumption of foods "rich" in carbohydrates (bread - pasta - rice - sweets - fruit juices)
  3. On the morning of laboratory testing no meal should be taken, only no sugar coffee, but with free drinking of water.
  1. The results are given within a day
  2. We recommended sending the results by email for a faster receipt


The individual tests are prescribed and a fee applies according to the referral


  1. The sugar curve (for downloads 0′, 30′, 60′, 90′, 120′) is 25 euros.
  2. Insulin curve (for shots 0′, 30′, 60′, 90′, 120′) 90 euros (- 25% discount) = 67.50 euros
  3. HBA1-c 10 euros.

Information selected - indicative with sources: Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests - J.Wallach and

The choice and explanation of the use of the analysis is the exclusive responsibility of your doctor

Edited by : Ioannis Grattisia Head of Laboratory / MSc Clinical Biochemistry - Molecular Biology

2022 - 2023

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