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WHAT IS THIS? (Hypertension)

The new criteria for the characterization of systolic/diastolic pressure according to the American College of Cardiology (ACC), are:

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  1. Normal – Systolic less than 120 with Diastolic less than 80 mm Hg
  2. Elevated – Systolic 120 to 129 and Diastolic less than 80 mm Hg
  3. Hypertension stage 1 – Systolic 130 to 139 mm Hg or Diastolic 80 to 89 mm Hg
  4. Stage 2 Hypertension – Systolic over 140 mm Hg or Diastolic over 90 mm Hg
  5. Hypertensive crisis – Systolic above 180 mm Hg or Diastolic above 120 mm Hg


The purpose is to:

  1. detect biochemical-hormonal factors that cause hypertension
  2. assess the health of the organism before taking preventive and therapeutic measures – medicines
  3. check the effectiveness and the effect of the treatment on the body

The combined check of the tests below is chosen:

Basic Check Up

Γενική αίματος / Αιμοδιάγραμμα CBCΜετρήσεις σε Αιματοκρίτη - Ερυθρά - Λευκά Αιμοσφαίρια - Αιμοπετάλια και εξέταση μορφολογίας τους.
Ανιχνεύονται κυρίως Αναιμίες, Φλεγμονές, Λοιμώξεις, Δυσπλασίες μυελού.
Ενδείξεις - επίδραση χρόνιων νοσημάτων - καταστάσεων
Ταχύτητα καθίζησης ΤΚΕ / ESR
C-αντιδρώσα πρωτεϊνη Υψηλής ευαισθησίας CRP-hs Βραχυχρόνιες κεντρικές αλλά και τοπικές φλεγμονές,
συνεκτίμηση καρδιαγγειακού κινδύνου από ενδοαγγειακές φλεγμονές
Σάκχαρο νηστείας / διώρου GluΣακχαρώδη διαβήτη / προδιάθεση σε διαβήτη
Ουρία UreaΝεφρική λειτουργία
Κρεατινίνη Cr
Ουρικό οξύ UAΑρθρίτιδες, διατροφικές διαταραχές
Χοληστερίνη Ολική CholΤην ποσότητα και αναλογία των λιπιδίων του αίματος ως
- βασικός δείκτης μακροχρόνιου κινδύνου σε καρδιαγγειακά
- δείκτη μεταβολικού προφίλ
Χοληστερίνη HDL
Χοληστερίνη LDL
Τριγλυκερίδια Tgl
Αθηρωματικός δείκτης
γ-γλουταμινοτρανσφεράση γ-GTΗπατική λειτουργία, πιθανή ενόχληση του ήπατος από χημικούς παράγοντες ή λοιμώξεις
Τρανσαμινάσες ALT & AST
Γενική ούρωνΠαθολογία και λοιμώξεις σε νεφρά και κύστη

They are directly regulatory hypertension factors. Unexpected values may have come from a hormonal disorder, problematic hydration–water balance, taking medication, or from other pathological causes.

Possible hyperthyroidism is controlled, which is one of the most common causes of hormone-dependent hypertension.

Is the hormonal system for managing body salts from the kidneys and with a direct effect on blood pressure. It is necessary to draw blood at home, without getting out of bed.

The total production of the adrenal stress hormone, elevated levels of which are associated with Cushing's syndrome which causes hypertension, is calculated.

Laboratory check the health of the kidneys which regulate blood pressure by maintaining salt concentrations, and the right degree of hydration

The possibility of hypertension due to pheochromocytoma is controlled through hormones.


  1. Cardiogram
  2. Holter for blood pressure
  3. Heart triplex
  4. Carotid triplex
  5. Kidney Ultrasound

In the overall cardiovascular risk assessment, we recommend extra laboratory analyses on the "Cardiovascular Risk Indicators" page


As a preparation for the morning blood draw and the medical test, we recommend:
  1. 3-5 day diet without coffee, tea, bananas, chocolate, citrus fruits, cheese, or vanilla.
  2. Have a meal the night before.
  3. Take up your last meal 11-12 hours before the blood draw.
  4. the evening meal should have as little animal fat as possible (if it contains cheeses, fatty dairy products, and meats).
  5. You should not take any meals in the morning, but you could drink as much water as you want.
For taking the urine:
  1. collect your first morning urine.
  2. Wash locally with plenty of water, without soap
  3. discard the first urine of urination and collect a small amount of the middle urine in a special urine collector.
24-hour urine collection

Follow specific instructions for collecting 24-hour urine and using a special preservative that we provide you in the laboratory. Please contact us for more information.

  1. The results are given between 2 or 3 days
  2. We recommended sending the results by email for a faster receipt


The individual tests are prescribed and a fee applies according to the referral


  1. Basic Check Up Special period price at 31 euros (initial price at 93 euros)
  2. All hematological and urological analyzes at 169 euros (initial price at 277 euros)
  3. Cardiogram 20 euros
  4. Holter for blood pressure 30 euros
  5. Heart triplex 50 euros
  6. Carotid triplex 50 euros
  7. Kidney ultrasound 20 euros

Information selected - indicative with sources: Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests - J.Wallach and

The choice and explanation of the use of the analysis is the exclusive responsibility of your doctor

Edited by : Ioannis Grattisia Head of Laboratory / MSc Clinical Biochemistry - Molecular Biology

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