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Triplex Cardiovascular

The Cardiovascular Triplex is one of the most frequent modern heart tests.

It is an ultrasound examination that does not have radiation and can be performed on pregnant women and children of all ages.

It is done by applying an ultrasound head (transducer) on the sternum. The transducer transmits high-frequency sound waves that are reflected back from the various tissues and then converts them into an image.

  1. on the morphology - function of the heart
  2. on the morphology of the heart's vessels
  3. on blood flows - velocities
  1. Evaluation of the overall function of the heart
  2. Evaluation of the mobility and thickness of the heart walls as well as the structure and function of the valves
  3. Checking areas that may have poor blood supply
  4. Presence of blood clots
  5. Heart failure screening
  6. Evaluation of any heart murmur the physician may have heard with the stethoscope
  7. Detection of possible hypertrophy of the heart
  8. Assess for chest pain, palpitations-tachycardia, shortness of breath
  9. Finding congenital heart disease
  10. Finding hereditary heart diseases
  11. Checking the function of the heart after an operation (heart valve replacement, operated coronary artery disease-by pass)
  12. Check for pericardial disease (pericardial effusion, cardiac tamponade, compressive pericarditis)

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April 2019

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