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Teeth Whitening

A beautiful and youthful smile not only means healthy gums and teeth but also means at the same time white and shiny teeth. We achieve this result with Teeth Whitening.

As time goes by, teeth lose their bright and white appearance. Pigments accumulated over the years from tobacco use and consumption of drinks and foods are the main responsible factors.

The most aggravating factors are:

  • coffee, tea, dark carbonated drinks,
  • fruit juices (eg cranberries, grapes), blueberries, blackberries, red wine
  • medicines (antibacterial oral solutions with chlorhexidine)

The possible additional presence of age-related discolorations creates strong aesthetic problems.

The image of discolored teeth leads many people to lose their smiles and self-confidence.

The solution is provided by whitening systems based on:

  • hydrogen peroxide
  • carbamide peroxide

Both systems require close monitoring by the dentist for proper use and applying.

We consider our success the combination of:

  • The right result gives up to 5 tones of whiter teeth
  • As uniform a shade as possible on all-natural teeth
  • The safe use of teeth whitening materials
  • The long duration of the result (as long as the patient follows the maintenance instructions)

Dentist Surgeon Papazoglou Eftychia

Phone Number for information and appointments 210 692 8074

Emergency phone number 694 453 6487

Service provided at the Dental office in Panormou 38

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