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Sexually Teansmitted Deaseases STDs Sexually Transmitted Deaseases Infertility related


Are infections of the urogenital regions by one or a combination of ureoplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia, genorea, which in the long run degrades the fertility of men and women


These infections  are long-lasting and may have serious impact on genital system health if untreated. Among the impacts, it is:

  • infertility for men and women.
  • chronic vaginitis and cervicitis, which increase the likelihood of ectopic pregnancies.
  • cancer in the uterine cervix.
  • skin lesions.
  • serious systemic illnesses with serious complications in a future pregnancy.


If you find yourself suffering from any sexual ailment, you should tell your recent sexual partners to look at them too.


For screenng, a sample is taken from the urogenital area using appropriate cotton swabs. The sampling is bloodless, without injuries or pain, and is done by properly trained personnel.

Tests target to detect:

  • Aerobic / anaerobic germs and fungi These parasites may be asymptomatic or even have severe discomforts or particular odors or secretions and affect mucous membranes in the urinary and reproductive system.
  • Chlamydia trachea (C. trachomatis)  are parasites that cause infection in the mucosa, the urinary tract and the reproductive system. The infection is usually asymptomatic. It causes urethritis, epididymitis, cervicitis, endometritis, salpingitis, but also infertility in both females and men.
  • Mycoplasmas  A variety of microorganisms with major pathogenic strains of  M.Hominis, M.Genitalium  and  U.Urealyticum . Myoplastic infection affects the urinary and lower genital tract in both men and women. The infection appears to be extremely common in the proportion that reaches 50%. They cause urethritis, salpingitis, endometritis and chorioamnionitis (during pregnancy) but are related to male and female infertility, premature pregnancy and miscarriages.
  •  Trichomonas vaginalis are parasites that infect the genitals and the lower urinary tract quite often. In Men, they are transmitted by sexual intercourse, and may experience urgency in urination and ejaculation. In Women they may also be transmitted by contact with contaminated fabrics and usually cause traumitis with discomfort in sexual intercourse.
  • Gonorrhea  Caused by the  Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium . Causes of urethritis, endotracheitis and skin lesions Chronic infection is associated with arthritis and tendonitis, and rarely with endocarditis or meningitis.


Detection on common microbes and fungi is done with classical cultures.

Detection in chlamydia, mycoplasma, trichomonias, gonorrhea is by two different techniques

  • Classic cultures proposed as initial tests due to the relatively low cost. However, they have limitations in their sensitivity, giving quite often false negative results to people with an infection.
  • Molecular DNA detection with much higher sensitivity, and ability to detect elementary presence of bacteria. In particular, it is proposed to have the highest cost in case of a negative result of cultrure tests, in unspecified situations or where there is a requirement of absolute result



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