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Sexually Teansmitted Deaseases STDs Sexually transmitted deaseases of high risk


Sexually transmitted diseases screening is of great importance, as they are often transmitted by people carriers who have do not know to be infected.

This is because the time window for the appearance of clinical symptoms – annoyances ranges from a few months to several years.

Dangerous sexually transmitted diseases that can be fatal are:

Hepatitis B and C (HBV, HCV) : are viral infections that affect the liver.
  • Type B is easily transmitted ( even with simple erotic kiss / dentist appointment ). In an acute phase of infection, hepatitis B can become dangerous even for life. Early diagnosis is necessary to take appropriate precautions for the infected person himself. The hepatitis B vaccine prevents it from spreading. However, as for the vaccine to remain effective, the anti-HBs should be checked at regular intervals, to timely cover the need for booster vaccination.
  • Type C is more difficult to transmit, but it is a chronic infection – extremely dangerous for the development of lethal hepatic cirrhosis or hepatic cancer. Early diagnosis enables the necessary treatment, and eradication of the disease before the damage is caused.
Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV  infection that develops AIDS

Its early detection is extremely important for early treatment of the infection, and its transition to chronic disease, with a proportionally much lower risk.


A bacterial infection detected by the VDRL blood test. The disease affects the mucous membranes and creates sores on the skin, making it extremely easy to transmit other diseases. It is easily curable with simple antibiotics.


  • If you think that yoy may have been exposed to HIV infection in the last three 24-72 hours, go directly to the Special Infectious Diseases Centers of large public hospitals or to ΚΕΛΠΝΟ (210-5212000 AIDS line 210-7222.222) to be given a prophylactic treatment and avoid the infection transmition
  • If you find yourself suffering from any sexual ailment, you should tell your recent sexual partners to look at themselfs too.
Laboratory testing 

A. Classical ELISA tests

They are recommended for screening peoplewith low risk of infection

  •  Australian HBsAg antigen  Classic – simple test that detects hepatitis B infection. Timeline of detection 20 days after the day of transmission of the virus .
  • Anti-HCV A  classic simple test that detects the body’s antibodies to the hepatitis C virus. Chronic detection window 2.5 months after the day of virus transmission with a credibility of> 95%
  • HIV-Ag (p24) + anti-HIV I / Io II (ELISA 4th Generation) Classical direct assay (Ag P24 antigen) and simultaneous detection of antibodies developed by the organism in both types. The test detects the infection, approximately 30 days after the day of transmission of the virus, with a> 95% confidence.


B. Molecular DNA / RNA Test Assay

Proposed screening for individuals:

  • risk of infection
  • with the need for absolute effect (eg home security)
  • with the need to quantify the effect for treatment follow-up

The available tests are:

  • HBV-HCV-HIV I & II combo molecular assay simultaneous detection
  • HBV DNA qualitative
  • HBV DNA quantitative
  • HCV RNA qualitative
  • HIV RNA qualitative


Additional information in STDs

Sexually transmitted infections include also infections that cause :

  • long-term inflammation and infertility (uroplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia)
  • troublesome – periodic conditions (herpes zoster and genital herpes)
  • cancer in the uterine cervix (papilloma virus – HPV)
  • urinary tract infections, prostatitis, slime, urethritis, fungal infections (common germs – fungi)
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Information selected from :

  • Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests – J.Wallach

The exact choice of tests required, is under the responsibility of your treating physician

Editor: I. Gratsias  Lab Director / Clinical Biochemist

Last Update May 2019


Medical Tests performed with analytical systems and reagents



STDs tests do not require specific preparation or a particular diet.


Blood sampling can take place at any time of the day (laboratory opening hours 7.30 am – 7.30 pm).


The results are given withinday.


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