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What is this?

The Metabolism Hormonal Panel for overweight people is a special Check Up on hormones and factors, that involved in managing the balance of lipolysis and lipogenesis mechanisms.


In the investigation of the factors, they are co-evaluated

  1. Psychology - behavior - eating habits qualitatively and quantitatively
  2. Physical activity – physical condition – quality and quantity of sleep
  3. Metabolic panel parameters
  4. Parameters for hormonal metabolic panel

Screening is recommended in cases where the investigation of obesity factors does not have obvious pathological parameters and there is resistant persistent weight on continuous hypocaloric diets.

The specific analysis can indicate the solution through

  1. better endocrine regulation
  2. treatment of non-clinically evident inflammations
  3. stricter treatment of sleep issues
  4. taking nutritional supplements


The tests that are used are:

Leptin is an important regulatory factor of metabolism with a direct effect on reducing the feeling of hunger. 'Hard' diets can lower too much its levels so that further weight loss becomes impossible. Its measurement is necessary when is presented in a hypocaloric diet program, unexpected weight stabilization

Adiponectin is a hormone that helps maintain low cholesterol and sugar levels while also having an anti-inflammatory effect and thus indirectly helps in weight loss.

The factor TNF-a is secreted in cases of inflammatory reaction that can even accrue from wrong foods, and it suppresses the mechanisms of lipolysis.

Vitamin D-3 25(OH) deficiency is known to be associated with obesity, while recent studies show us that the tempo of weight loss in a diet is proportionally related to its levels in the blood.



A simple blood test is required for laboratory testing.

No preparation or diet is required.


Blood sampling must be done in the morning (7.30 am – 10.30 am).


The results are given in 3 working days.


The tests, (besides D3 25OH), according to our information, are NOT prescribed at EOPYY

Privately the cost for this specific panel is 155, but with a -25% discount, you pay 116 EUROS

Information selected - indicative with sources: Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests - J.Wallach and

The choice and explanation of the use of the analysis is the exclusive responsibility of your doctor

Edited by : Ioannis Grattisia Head of Laboratory / MSc Clinical Biochemistry - Molecular Biology

2022 - 2023

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