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Low Testosterone Syndrome

What is this?

Low Testosterone Syndrome is the continuous low production of the main male sex hormone (Testosterone), produced by the testicles.


The main cases of decreased testosterone production are:

  1. Age
  2. Prolonged stress – psychological problems
  3. Chronic diseases (Diabetes, liver diseases, neuropathies, autoimmune, HIV, etc.)
  4. Trauma to the testicles, removal of testicles from neoplasia, chemotherapy
  5. Taking medications (antidepressants, prostate treatment, etc.)

The lack of Testosterone can negatively affect:

  1. Male characteristics (facial hair, musculature)
  2. Sexual mood and sperm production
  3. Bone quality
  4. Blood production

The importance of investigating the syndrome is great both for possible treatment of the etiology and for possible pharmaceutical substitution


Hormonal investigation – monitoring is done with the analyses:

We assess the total production of testosterone and the available hormone responsible for the biological action (most of it is bound - stored on proteins, which are inactive).

They are hormones of the pituitary gland of the brain and are responsible for the stimulation of the testicles and the formation of testosterone from them. They are used to locate the problem (hypothalamus, testicles, age).

A hormone that in case of excessive production (e.g. prolactinoma) prevents the production of testosterone.

In replacement treatments with testosterone preparations, tests must be monitored:

Laboratory check of substitution levels.

Check for the possible excessive rise in hematocrit by the effect of testosterone on the medulla.

It is possible to occur dyslipidemias, which are an indicator of metabolic disorders.

Prostate stimulation and possible hormone-dependent neoplastic disease are checked.


It is possible to be requested an imaging test for the full assessment of the syndrome.

  1. Magnetic MRI of the brain (hypothalamus - pituitary gland check)
  2. Bone mineral density


Hormone testing

  • Blood sampling can be done at any time of the day
  • No special preparation is required – fasting or a special diet the day before

Substitution therapy control

  1. Blood sampling is recommended to be done in the morning
  2. It is mandatory to have a meal the night before.
  3. The last meal should be taken up to 11-12 hours before the blood sampling.
  4. The evening meal should have as little animal fat as possible (if it contains cheese, fatty dairy, and meat).
  1. The results are given within a day
  2. We recommended sending the results by email for a faster receipt
  1. EOPYY The individual laboratory tests are prescribed and a fee applies according to the referral
  3. Hormonal testing package (Total and free testosterone, LH, FSH, PRL) Special period price at 74 euros (initial price: 99 euros)
  4. Substitution Monitoring Package (Blood chart, lipid profile, PSA) Special period price at 52 euros (initial price: 72 euros)

Information selected - indicative with sources: Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests - J.Wallach and

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