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Επικίνδυνων σεξουαλικά μεταδιδόμενων νοσημάτων – 4 εξετάσεις αίματος

High Risk STD


Sexually transmitted diseases are preventively controlled, as their transmission is most often carried out by people who have not realized that they have it.

STD High-Risk STD | Sexually transmitted diseases Examination offer Package 38 euros. Diagnostic Center - Athens | Checkup

This is because the time for the appearance of clinical symptoms - discomfort ranges from a few months to several years.

The dangerous sexually transmitted diseases that can be fatal are:

Hepatitis B and C (HBV, HCV): are viral infections that affect the liver.

  1. Type B is particularly easily transmitted (even with a kiss). In the acute phase of infection, hepatitis B can become life-threatening. An early diagnosis is necessary to take appropriate prophylactic measures for the infected person himself. The hepatitis B vaccine prevents its transmission. However, in order to remain the vaccine effective, the adequacy of antibodies (anti-HBs) should be checked at regular intervals in order to meet the need for booster vaccination in time.
  2. Type C is more difficult to transmit, but turns into a chronic infection and it is extremely dangerous for the development of fatal liver cirrhosis or even liver cancer. The early diagnosis allows for the necessary treatment and eradication of the disease before damage occurs.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV infection that develops AIDS

Its early detection is extremely important for timely medical treatment of the infection, and its transition to chronic diseases, with proportionally much lower risk.

Syphilis: a bacterial infection detected by the VDRL blood test. The disease affects the mucous membranes and creates sores on the skin, making it extremely easy to transmit other diseases. It is easily treatable with antibiotics.


  1. In case you have been exposed to the possibility of hepatitis-HIV infection in the last three 24 hours, go or contact IMMEDIATELY the Special Infections centers of large public hospitals or KELPNO (tel. 210-5212.000 AIDS line 210-7222.222) so that you can be given, if it is possible, preventive treatment in order to avoid transmission of the infection.
  2. If you find that you have any sexually transmitted disease, you should inform your recent sexual partners so that they should be tested too.

Sexually transmitted infections also include infections that cause:

  1. long-term inflammations and infertility (ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia)
  2. annoying – periodic conditions (cold sores and genital herpes)
  3. cervical cancer ( papilloma virus – HPV )
  4. urinary tract infections, prostatitis, vulvitis, urethritis, fungal infections (common germs – fungi)


They are recommended for preventive screening in people at low risk of infection

  1. Australian antigen HBsAgClassic – simple test that detects hepatitis B infection. The time period of detection is approximately 20 days after the day of transmission of the virus.
  2. Anti-HCV Classic simple test that detects the antibodies that the body develops against the hepatitis C virus. The time period of detection is 2.5 months after the day of transmission of the virus with a reliability >of 95%
  3. HIV-Ag (p24) + anti-HIV I/Io/II (ELISA 4th Generation) Classic test for the direct determination of (antigen Ag P24) and the simultaneous detection of the antibodies developed by the body in both types (I & II). The test detects the infection approximately 30 days after the day of transmission of the virus with the 95% reliability >

They are recommended for screening in people:

  1. high risk of infection
  2. with a need for an absolute result (e.g. safety of loved ones)
  3. with a need to quantify the effect of treatment observing

The available tests are:

  1. HBV- HCV- HIV I&II combo molecular test simultaneous detection
  2. HBV DNA qualitative
  3. HBV DNA quantitative
  4. HCV RNA qualitative
  5. HIV RNA qualitative

For taking the sample (for Sexually Transmitted Diseases STD High Risk) no preparation is required, and it can be done at any time of the day.

CHARGES (For High Risk STDs)

  1. The package for Hepatitis B & C, HIV, ELISA Beckman Coulter USA (HBsAg, Anti-HCV, Anti-HIV i/ii +HIV Ag p24) and syphilis (VDRL) costs t38 euros – results at the same day
  2. HBV-HCV-HIV I/II combo molecular test: 190 euros – results in 5 working days
  3. quantification of HBV DNA in known carriers: 95 euros – results in 1 working day
  4. HCV RNA quantification in known carriers: 95 euros – result in 1 working day

Information selected - indicative with sources: Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests - J.Wallach and

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