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Toxicology Heavy Metals Toxicology

toxikologias_vareon_mettalonMetals cause toxicity to the most vital organs such as the nervous system, bone marrow, liver, kidneys.The metals can enter the body mainly by breathing the vapors or substances containing them, taking contaminated food, dissolving the dubious quality of teeth seals, dyes of any type, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.

The metals tested for toxicity are:
  • Lead (Mb) It is mainly contained as a component of dyes and in some solvents.
  • Mercury (Hg) It is found in contaminated food and is released into the body by chemically unstable black seals.
  • Aluminum (Al) It is found in metal aerosols but also in dialysis filters.
  • Nickel (Ni)
  • Chromium (Cr)
  • Copper (Cu)
  • Cobalt (Co)
  • Manganese (Mn)

As heavy metals seriously damage the bone marrow, the organ metabolised by the liver, but also the organ that excretes them, the kidneys, the recommended tests should be done whenever metal toxicity is dignosed:

Complete Blood Count and ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) 

Bone marrow toxicity assessment

β2-microglobulin (β2-μ-U)

Kidney function assessment.

 Transaminases (ALT, AST) are

Liver function assessment




Laboratory testing requires a simple urine sample in a common container

No preparation or diet is required, and sampling can be done at any time of the day



The results are given for

  • metals within 7 working days
  • CBC, β2-microglobulin , transaminases, within day



  • For every metal 40 euros
  • For combo testing CBC – β2-microglobulin – transaminases 35 euros

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