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Common Screening Conditions Hair Growth Disorders ( loss & overgrowth )


As hair growth disorders are considered:

  • poor quality – loss of scalp
  • male alopecia
  • intense hair growth in hands, face, abdomen, legs in women – children



Poor quality – Hair loss often comes from:

  • Lack of trace elements (eating disorders – malabsorption – increased losses)
  • Systemic diseases (autoimmune, chronic inflammation etc.)
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Genital factors
  • Strong psychological issues


In male alopecia, the loss may come from:

  • The common reasons of poor quality – loss as mentioned above
  • Hormonal disorder


In women and children, unexpected intense hair growth, especially in places where hair is not expected, is a sign of hormonal disturbance.


A. Low quality hair (nail and skin) or loss 

Laboratory testing identifies potential chronic – systemic deseases, deficiencies in trace elements – vitamins, or thyroid disorders :

Basic Check Up

It is checked that there is no systemic disease that may be involved in low hair quality.

Test / AnalyteDescription / Detects - Measures
Complete Blood Count - Measurement Hematocrit, Red -White Blood Cells - Platelets and Morphology
Detects Anaemias, Infections - Bone marrow disorders.
Indications of chronic deseases
Erythrocyte Sedimentation RateChronic Inflammations - infections
CRP-hsAccute Inflammations - infections.
Cardiovascular risk factor
UreaRenal function
CreatininineRenal function
Uric AcidArthritis
Nutritional assesment
Total CholesterolCardiovascular Risk Factors
Cholesterol Dietary intake
Drug therapy assessment
HDL Cholesterol
LDL Cholesterol
Atheromatosis Index
Liver Enzyme γ-GTLiver function test
Hepatitis B/C - drug -alcohol induced - fatty liver - cancer etc
Liver enzymes ALT & AST
UrineBladder health
Kidney function
Iron (Fe) , and iron stores with ferritin (Ferr)

In cases of iron deficiency (dietary insufficiency, loss of appetite, loss) the hair thins, breaks, falls.

The vitamins  folic acid and B12 (Vit B12)

Possible vitamin deficiency, degrades the quality of hair.

Zinc (Zn)

Necessary trace element in healthy hair composition and hair maintenance.

freeT4 (free thyroxine) and TSH (thyroid hormone) ,

These are the basic tests for thyroid function and to rule out possible hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism that potentially affect hair quality. 

Optional Check in case of loss   

If low levels of folic acid, vitamin B12, zinc are found, additional tests in vitamin A control, vitamin C and vitamin E could be useful in assessing dietary supplements that should be given to enhance hair growth.


B. In male alopecia

Additional tests of a possible hormonal disorder includes measurements of the androgens:

  • Testosterone / Free Testosterone
  • Dihydrotestosterone with DHT


C. Increased hair growth in children – women 

The hormonal profile is assessed with particular emphasis on the ratio of androgens to estrogens:

  • LH (luteinizing hormone) / FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) 
  • Testo (Testosterone) Main androgen
  • DHEA-S (dehydroepiandroster  sulfate) Secondary androgen
  • D4-Epiandrostenedione Secondary androgen
  • SHBG Foesdesmethylic protein
  • E2 (estradiol) Main estrogen
  • PRL (prolactin)


Information selected from :

  • Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests – J.Wallach

The exact choice of tests required is under the responsibility of your treating physician

Editor: I. Gratsias  Lab Director / Clinical Biochemist

Last Update May 2019

Your examinations with analytical systems and reagents


As a preparation for morning blood sampling and examination, it is suggested:
  • to make a mandatory meal last night.
  • taking the last meal up to 11-12 hours before blood collection.
  • the evening meal has the least possible animal fat (if it contains cheeses, fatty dairy and meats).
  • in the morning not to have lunch, except coffee and a toast, with free water.
  • Results are given within a day
  • For faster delivery, we suggest sending the results by email


  • Hair loss panel  at 121 euros ( original 213 euros)
  • Of Men hormone tets at 55 euros (original 74 euros)
  • Hormonal profile in female – children at 133 (original 177 euros)
  • Optional control on vitamins A, C, E has additional charges

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