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Colonoscopy is a non-surgery examination, performed with the help of a thin flexible examination tube. With the proper administration of intoxication, the examination is not been noticeable - annoying.

2-3 days of nutritional preparation and taking a suitable laxative the day before to completely clean the intestine are required

Colonoscopy is used as an examination for the early diagnosis and monitoring of inflammatory autoimmune bowel diseases, mainly for:

  1. ulcerative colitis
  2. Crohn's disease

It is a "mandatory" examination at the Check Up level for the early detection and simultaneous removal of precancerous polyps from the intestine in people:

  1. aged over 50 years
  2. aged over 40 years with a personal medical history of bowel polyps or a family history of bowel polyps - carcinomas

The removal of any polyp is done during the colonoscopy in a simple, fast, and safe way and virtually eliminates the possibility of colon cancer.

Colonoscopy after the first examination is repeated every five years to ensure early detection of polyps that may appear in the future.

Responsible for information - appointment - preparation and follow-up Ms. K.Georganou tel. 693.718.2026

Information selected - indicative with sources: Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests - J.Wallach and

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April 2019

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