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Metabolic Syndrome -Chronic Fatigue – Antiaging Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are severe exhaustion, poor quality sleep and awakening, headaches, musculoskeletal and joint pains and memory problems. The intensity and type of symptoms vary from day to day, with “good days” – absence of symptoms and with “bad days”.

Other signs may be abdominal or chest pain, bloating, persistent cough, depression and anxiety, diarrhea, dizziness, dryness in the eyes or in the mouth or ears, pulse instability, jaw pain, nausea and loss of appetite, sweating in sleep, difficulty in breathing.



Chronic fatigue investigation takes in account the detection of

  • Common chronic diseases – conditions, by using Basic Check Up Screening Panel parameters. Metabolic and inflamations markers are of great importance, to exclude possible continuous activation of the immune system and secretion of certain “toxic” substances –  pyrethogenic agents or any major metabolic imbalance.
  • Less common deseases with great impact on sence of wellness. Thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune diseases, lack of trace elements, excessive stress are the next to be investigated.


The Screening Test Panel used, is :

Basic Check Up Screening Panel

Test / AnalyteDescription / Detects - Measures
Complete Blood Count - Measurement Hematocrit, Red -White Blood Cells - Platelets and Morphology
Detects Anaemias, Infections - Bone marrow disorders.
Indications of chronic deseases
Erythrocyte Sedimentation RateChronic Inflammations - infections
CRP-hsAccute Inflammations - infections.
Cardiovascular risk factor
UreaRenal function
CreatininineRenal function
Uric AcidArthritis
Nutritional assesment
Total CholesterolCardiovascular Risk Factors
Cholesterol Dietary intake
Drug therapy assessment
HDL Cholesterol
LDL Cholesterol
Atheromatosis Index
Liver Enzyme γ-GTLiver function test
Hepatitis B/C - drug -alcohol induced - fatty liver - cancer etc
Liver enzymes ALT & AST
UrineBladder health
Kidney function

TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)

Thyroid gland function assessment, to determine whether there is hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism

Iron (Fe) and Ferritin (Ferr)

Iron deficiency can cause even severe anemia and  intense fatigue symptoms, oftenly noticed in women of fertile age.

Vitamin B12

Major regulator of mental functions and great marker for malabsorption and gastrointestinal disorders

Sodium, Potassium

These trace elements known as electrolytes, regulate the body’s water balance.Possible dehydration, or deregulation of electrolytes, especially in cases of drugs use (eg  diuretic – anti-hypertensive) causes severe fatigue symptoms

ANA (anti-nuclear antibodies)

ANA is a set of many different antibodies that cause autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases are expressed by long-term inflammation and ongoing immune system stress. Their effect is mainly musculoskeletal pains and chronic fatigue. They often appear among people with autoimmune thyroid gland disorders, and more frequently in women.

Rheumatoid factor (RF)

Rheumatoid factor mainly detects rheumatoid arthritis, which is the autoimmune form of arthritis. This test is also sensitive to parasitic infections, tuberculosis, syphilis, other autoimmune diseases, liver, kidney and lung diseases.

Optional  Tests
  • Testosterone when hormone imbalance in men suspected
  • Cortisol (Cort)  in case of suspicion of adrenal dysfunction (stress hormone and wakefulness)
  • HIV I/II


In case were laboratory tests do not give a medical diagnosis for chronic fatigue, we may provide futther assessment and preliminary cosultation in

  • Sleep quality matters
  • Social habbits
  • Food habbits
  • Body fitness
  • Psychological matters


Πληροφορίες επιλεγμένες  με πηγές :

  • Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests – J.Wallach

Η επιλογή των εξετάσεων γίνεται με απόλυτα εξατομικευμένα κριτήρια. Η ακριβής επιλογή είναι ευθύνη του θεράποντα ιατρού σας

Επιμέλεια : Ιωάννης Γρατσίας Lab Director / Clinical Biochemist

Μάιος 2019

Medical Tests performed with analytical systems and reagents



Recomendations -preparation for morning blood sampling :
  • Should have a mandatory meal previous night.
  • Last meal should be up to 11-12 hours before blood collection.
  • Evening meal prefered to have the least possible animal fat.
  • In the morning should not have any lunch. Coffe without sugar and water are free.
For urine collection:
  • First urination sample is preferable
  • Prior urination, a local wash with plenty of water, no soap.


  • Results are given within day.



The Chronic Fatigue Screening Check Up is in Special Offer at 101 Euros

For optional tests there will be extra charges

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