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Sexually Teansmitted Deaseases STDs

Ordinary and high sensitive molecular tests in Sexually Transmited Diseases

Full range testing on STDs

  • High Risk STDs (Combo Hepatitis B/C – HIV I/II at just 38 euros )
  • Infertility related STDs (Ureoplasma, mycoplasma, Chlamydia at 15 euros each)
  • Common microbial – fungi infecions + Drug sensitivity tests
  • Cervical Cancer related Human PapiloVirus – HPV
  • Herpes  I/II

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Medical Tests performed with analytical systems and reagents


Available Tests for Sexually Teansmitted Deaseases STDs

Medical Center Laboratories – Ultrasound Imaging – Doctors – Nursing – Health Services

24h/365d Medical Laboratory – Gene Analysis

Laboratory Directors : I. Gratsias, I. Katsavochristos

Clinical Doctors : General Practitioner – Cardiologist – Urologist – Neurologist – Pulmonologist

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