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Economic Panels

Special economic panels are available. They apply for a limited number of test panels.

For the current period, the following offers apply:

Basic Screening Chekvasiko_checkup Up – 16 blood and urine tests

Tests : Whole Bood Count (WBC), Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR), Glucose, Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Total Lipids, Transaminases (2), γ-GT, C-Reactive Protein high sensitivity (CRP-hs), Urine examination

From an initial price of € 93 to the final price of € 31


Tdiataraxes_thiroidihyroid Function  3 blood screening tests + Ultrasound imaging

Blood Tests : T-3, free T-4, TSH + Thyroid ultrasound imaging

From an initial price of € 79 euros to the final of € 39


sexoualikos_metadidomenaDangerous Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

Tests : Syphilis -VDRL, hepatitis B – HBsAg, hepatitis C – anti-HCV, 4th gen HIV ag P24+absI/II

From an initial price of 51  to the final of  € 38


Medical Center Laboratories – Ultrasound Imaging – Doctors – Nursing – Health Services

24h/365d Medical Laboratory – Gene Analysis

Laboratory Directors : I. Gratsias, I. Katsavochristos

Clinical Doctors : General Practitioner – Cardiologist – Urologist – Neurologist – Pulmonologist

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