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Check Up Health Optimization

Personalized health optimization Check • Up Panels

In this section, you can see examples of proposued Check Up – Prevention Blood Test Pannels for

  • children
  • adolescents
  • men, young, middle-aged and olders 
  • women fertile age, menopause middle-aged and olders 

Personilized Check Up Panels are based on these Check Up Panels, and designed personally by evaluating furter the needs of a person according to :

  • personal medical data
  • family medical data
  • body type
  • physical condition
  • living and working enviroment
  • eating, social habits, lifestyle
  • oveall health status
  • social, cultural, economic background


Health Optimization occurs by evaluating further the test results of Personal Check Up Panels, and advise in a holistic manner, what changes should be followed for a better life and health status.

Available Tests for Check Up Health Optimization

Medical Center Laboratories – Ultrasound Imaging – Doctors – Nursing – Health Services

24h/365d Medical Laboratory – Gene Analysis

Laboratory Directors : I. Gratsias, I. Katsavochristos

Clinical Doctors : General Practitioner – Cardiologist – Urologist – Neurologist – Pulmonologist

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