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Τα Check Up Εξατομικευμένης Πρόληψης | Διαγνωστικό Κέντρο Βιοπαθολογίας – Αθήνα | Ιατρικό Κέντρο | Checkup – Εξετάσεις Αίματος – ΕΟΠΥΥ

Personalized Prevention Check & Health Optimization

Personalized - Targeted Check•Up

Sample age-based analytics packages:

Check•Ups are formed according to the following criteria:

We aim to Optimize Health with the personalized interpretation of your results.

Then, we provide a holistic consulting approach guided by modern international rules of good health - well-being and always given individual medical characteristics.

Personalized Prevention & Health Optimization Check Ups available

Biopathology Diagnostic Laboratory | Microbiological | Molecular | DNA | Ultrasonic | EOPYY – Clinic

Diagnostic: Director Biochemist I. Gratsia - Biopathologist I. Katsavochristos / M. Kolokouri - Radiologist S. Alagiannis

Doctors: General Practitioner X. Chrysanthaki - Endocrinologist E. Typhoxylou – Cardiologist A. Castanas - Neurologist C. Karagiorgis - Urologist K. Psyllias - Pulmonologist Zafiria Barbaressou

Liability & Responsibility Ethics in Biomedical Science - Personalised Medical Practice with Courtesy and Empathy

Top 5-star examinee satisfaction performance in users via Google / Doctor any Time

Quality in diagnostic tests

Personal Data Security GDPR

e - Dating via Doctor Anytime at: Cardiologist - Urologist - Neurologist -Laboratory Diagnostic Examinations

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Biopathology Diagnostic Center – Athens | Medical Center Check Up Medicus | Checkup – Blood tests - Prices - Cost - EOPYY

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