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Check • Up - MedicusFAQs

Do you need an appointment to come?

You can visit us without a appointment for blood tests or for any information

Appointment Required for:

  • Ultrasound Imaging / Triplex, please Call 210-6983.222
  • Consultation from the Laboratory Ioannis Gratsias, please Call 210-6983.222
  • Home nursing, please Call 210-6412.600
  • Cardiologica examination –   Dr Thanos Kastanas – Cardiologist, please Call 6977-348.501
  • Urological Examination – Dr  Konstantinos Psyllia Urologist, please Call 6972-127.719
  • Dental Examinatio  an care Dr Eftychia Papazoglou Dentist, please Call 210-6928.074 and 6944-536.487


For blood tests – ultrasound examination, how long do I need to wait?

For diagnostic blood tests, the average total time you will need to stay does not exceed 10-15 minutes.

For ultrasound examination, the mean wait is 5-10 minutes and the time required for the examination


What is personalized health optimization check up

We collect all the vital information ( personal and family medical history, physical condition, weight, diet, social habits e.g. smoking and alcohol consumption, as long as working enviroment, to design your check up.

We focus to choose the necessary tests to receive all the important medical information  for your optimal health settings, and not just to take a gross image of wellness. A fine tunning, makes life enjoyable, makes life longer.

Medical Center Laboratories – Ultrasound Imaging – Doctors – Nursing – Health Services

24h/365d Medical Laboratory – Gene Analysis

Laboratory Directors : I. Gratsias, I. Katsavochristos

Clinical Doctors : General Practitioner – Cardiologist – Urologist – Neurologist – Pulmonologist

Responsibility & Ethics in Biomedical Science – Personalized Medical Practice

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