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Private cost of individual test (SARS CoV 2 IgG II Spike Vaccination Antibodies) is 35 euros. It is NOT prescribed in EOPYY.

COVID -19 Antibodies Rapid Test | Biopathology Diagnostic Center - Athens | Check Up Medicus | Checkup - Blood Tests - EOPYY.

Specialized tests for detecting an allergic reaction to house dust mites (RAST D Allergens). Cost 17 euros.

Home Dust Allergens RAST H / HP Buy It is: ...

Specialized blood test for Allergens Rast G GP, what is it, combined simultaneous detection test price for combined 25-30€

(Wild grasses) Allergens Rast W / WP Buy It is: ...

(food) Allergens RAST F / FP / FX Buy It is: ...

Private costs for simple tests Allergens RAST E / EP (Animal Epithelia) per code 17 euros* combined tests per code 25-30 euros

Allergens RAST I ( Insects ) Buy It is: ...

(Clothing Fibers) Allergens RAST K / O / PA Buy It is: ...

Check Up Medicus | Medical Center Athens | Blood Tests | Covid-19 Test
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