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In all check-ups, the costing is based on the state invoice prices, which is also the lowest legal base permissible pricelist.

For all exams that are not in the state directories of invoices, charges equal to or less than state hospitals apply.


Insured to the National Health Service Provider (ΕΟΠΥΥ)


For those who make use of ΕΟΠΥΥ , participation fees apply as stated in the referral.

For tests not covered by ΕΟΠΥΥ, pricing will be equal or less to those of state hospitals.

You can also ask us if there is a lower overall cost of performing test without using the ΕΟΠΥΥ’s referrals .


Pricing Update – Offers – Pricelist

For any costing exam or exam package, please call us on the phone or send us your question to e-mail: [email protected] to give you the final price with the discounts that apply.

(Follows Service under development)

You can find individual test analytics values ​​- without counting package discounts – in the

  • Blood Test List
  • Quotations page Alphabetical Analytical Briefing Exam A-Z


Ways of payment

In the workshop you can use:

  • Cash
  • Credit – debit cards, VISA – MASTER – AMERICAN EXPRESS – DINERS credit cards in interest-free installments


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