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Blood tests

The main categories in Blood Tests – Prices are:

Haematology – Coagulopathy


Hormonal – Endocrine

Immunological – Allergy – Infection Factors

Genomic – Molecular Biology

Toxicology – Pharmacology

Below are tables of the most common analyses by category, with their delivery time, and their cost privately.


On the listed Blood Tests – Prices, applies*

25% discount when the examinations are performed at a check up

Up to 65% on specific medical examinations in the special economic packages general check up and extended check up plus

*excludes molecular biology, toxicology, food intolerance tests

Blood tests – Prices and ultrasounds with EOPYY participation

Blood tests – Prices | 98% of the analyses listed can be prescribed at EOPYY and at Check Up Medicus in Athens, with a prescription cost of 10 euros and 15% participation in the tests on top of the state prices.

The list of analyses is updated periodically. For anything you need that is not mentioned, please call us at 210-6983222

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