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IgA, IgM / tTG

Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies

Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies IgA and IgM / tTG are antibodies that the body can develop against gluten (found in wheat, barley, and rye), especially in cases of frequent consumption.

  1. to identify celiac disease before its symptoms appear (bloating, low B12, etc.) *
  2. for the diagnosis and monitoring of treatment in celiac disease
  3. to rule out celiac disease in unexplained low vitamin B12 / Ferritin values

*people with a personal or family medical history of autoimmune, celiac disease or HLA DQ2 DQ8 positive

For adults, the following are applied:

  1. Expected levels in healthy people: Negative IgA < 10.0 U/ml / IgM < 20 U/ml
  2. Weakly positive IgA 10.0 -15.0 / IgM 20-30 U/ml
  3. Positive IgA >15.0 / IgM > 30 U/ml

Private costs of each individual IgG and IgA test are 30 euros

Discount package of full analysis of 7 antibodies in celiac disease at 129 euros against an initial price of 230 euros

*A 25% discount applies when participating in Check Up

**In our center we have doctors with the right to prescribe EOPYY prescriptions

Information selected - indicative with sources: Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests - J.Wallach and

The choice and explanation of the use of the analysis is the exclusive responsibility of your doctor

Edited by : Ioannis Grattisia Head of Laboratory / MSc Clinical Biochemistry - Molecular Biology

April 2019

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