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Allergen ImmunoglobulinRAST

Allergies are manifested by the activation of the immune system and, in particular, of the immunoglobulins (IgE antibodies) which are developed incorrectly against allergens (substances that are not dangerous for the body).

With the specific allergenic immunoglobulins, RAST (Allergen Immunoglobulin RAST) measured the IgE antibodies, against a specific allergenic substance.

Rast tests are used in cases of diagnosed allergic persons (with increased IgE) for

  • detection of the specific allergens, which cause them to be allergic, so that they can be avoided
  • monitoring the intensity of allergy against known allergens after a period of prophylactic avoidance (especially in foods)

But they can also be used in cases of people with respectively low IgE values when there is a suspicion of an allergic reaction against a specific factor.

The RAST are chosen by recording the conditions before the manifestation of an allergic reaction.

The main categories, which contain each one several independent specialized tests, are:

  1. Rast G: GRASS POLLEN (Bermuda grass, grass, Vernal grass, Stubble, Oats, Rye, Corn, etc.)
  2. Rast W: POLLEN from Weed Flower Pollen (Weed, Marguerite, Chicory, Nettle, Wall Pellitory, Chamomile, Carnation, Rose, etc.)
  3. Rast T: POLLEN from TREES (Hazelnut, Olive, Walnut, London Plane, Elm, Willow, Eucalyptus, Orange, Almond, Fir, Μulberry, etc.)
  4. Rast D: MITES
  5. Rast H: HOUSEDUST
  6. Rast B – K – O: FABRICS (linen, wool, silk, latex, cotton)
  7. Rast F: FOOD (egg, dairy, cereals, fruit, nuts, vegetables, meat, fish, etc.)
  8. Rast E: ANIMAL EPITHELIUM (cat, dog, horse, cow, goat, rabbit, hamster, chicken, duck, parrot, pigeon, etc.)
  9. Rast I: INSECTS (Honey Bee venom – wasp, fly, mosquito, horsefly, etc.)
  10. Rast C: DRUGS (in various antibiotics: penicillin, erythromycin, amoxil, cefaclor, ciprofloxacin, etc.)

Simple blood collection happens at any time of the day (7.30-19.30)

  1. without restrictions on food from the previous day
  2. without restrictions on possible medication intake
  3. the result is not affected of any existing transient illness - cold

The result is given in 2-3 working days

Privately, the cost of an individual examination is 17 euros*.

The examination is prescribed at the EOPYY**, with the participation of the examinee as defined in the referral (15%, unless otherwise stated)

*A 25% discount applies when participating in Check Up

**In our center we have doctors with the right to prescribe EOPYY prescriptions

Information selected - indicative with sources: Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests - J.Wallach and

The choice and explanation of the use of the analysis is the exclusive responsibility of your doctor

Edited by : Ioannis Grattisia Head of Laboratory / MSc Clinical Biochemistry - Molecular Biology

April 2019

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