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Moles on the skin
What are they, how they are created, how they are removed and when should they worry us.
Moles, or dark spots, on the skin, are small, usually dark brown, dots on the skin, flat or 3d, smooth or rough, with or without hairs.
Most of the time, they are harmless.

It is totally normal for:
• Babies to be born with moles on the skin
• New moles, to appear on children and grown ups during summer
• Moles to fade in color as we get older
• Moles color tot become more vivid, during pregnancy

When should you see your dermatologist or visit a specialist clinic?
• If the existing mole has changed shape or feel to the touch
• If it darkens, by two tones or more
• If you have, itching, dryness, or bleeding on the spot
• If it gets bigger in size, or embossed
• If the mole has undefined or arachnoid borders

These changes can occur over weeks or months and may mean melanoma, 
a form of skin cancer, which is curable and can be monitored if detected early. 
Changes in the nostrils should not be ignored, as in the case of melanoma, 
metastases occur rapidly through the adipose tissue.

Sunlight is the No 1 skin-damaging agent and is capable of turning a simple mole into cancer. 
If you have many naturally occurring spots on your skin, you need to be extra careful with sun exposure,
always check for any changes, as mentioned above, and stay away from artificial tanning.
According to the American Mayo Clinic guidelines, your annual health check - up should include
a dermatologist examination.
Your exam, is suggested to take place after the summer months, when exposure to the sun is likely to have caused
significant changes.

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